Pulver Decorative 1 Saving Hammerstones 2 Catalog

Pulver Decorative 1 – Saving Hammertones, a member of our Pulver Decorative series, has 36 color varieties and stands out with surface textures after application. Made of epoxy-polyester and polyester-based resin, all the products in this catalog are suitable for both interior and exterior use.

Their application leads to a so-called tattoo effect on the surfaces. Mostly used for general industrial applications, these paints are preferred for elevator, case and metal door surfaces. All colors in our Pulver Decorative 1 – Saving Hammertones catalog have Qualicoat and GSB certificates.

Properties of Pulver Decorative 1 – Saving Hammertones

  • 36 color options
  • Surface with hammertone effect
  • Qualicoat and GSB approval
  • Wide gloss range
  • Suitability for baking at 180-200 °C for 10 minutes