Pulver Moskova Catalog

Our Pulver Moscow catalog is available in 27 color varieties and selected the most popular facade products in the Russian market. Our products in the Pulver Moscow catalog, which are predominantly preferred in the aluminum and architectural sector, have Qualicoat and GSB certificates.

The products in this catalog are manufactured from polyester-based resin. Thanks to their high-tech contents, Class 1 series and Class 2 series have an exterior resistance period of 10 and 25 years, respectively.

Our coatings, which are mainly used in the architectural and aluminum profile sector, are the most preferred colors in sectors that require external resistance like general industry also. Our products enables our customers in different regions of Russia to be obtained quickly from our warehouses.

The products presented in this catalog contain metallic pigments and thanks to this feature, a privileged appearance is obtained by reflecting the light in different ways from colors.

Pulver Moscow

  • 27 different MATT color options
  • Superior exterior resistant
  • Qualicoat and GSB approved
  • Suitable for tribo and corona gun use
  • Our 10-year exterior-resistant paints are suitable for baking at 180 ° C for 10 minutes.
  • Our 25-year exterior-resistant paints are suitable for 10 minutes at 200 ° C.