Pulver Unlimited 2 Catalog

Our Pulver Unlimited 2 catalog has the most popular exterior resistant products in the Russian market with 27 color varieties. Our colors in the Pulver Unlimeted-2 catalog, which are predominantly preferred in the aluminum and architectural sector, have Qualicoat and GSB certificates.

Our coatings, which are mainly used in the architectural and aluminum profile sector, are the most preferred colors in sectors that require external resistance like general industry also.

The products in this catalog stand out with different surfaces in application.Our products are made of epoxy-polyester and polyester-based resins and are suitable for both interior and exterior use.

Mostly used for general industrial applications, these coatings are preferred for elevator, case and metal door surfaces.

Pulver Unlimited 2 Features

  • 27 different color options
  • Hammertone effect surface
  • Metalic Surface and Chrome Effect
  • Wrinkle surface
  • Wide brightness range
  • Suitable for baking for 10 minutes at 180-200 ° C