Pulver RAL

We know the importance of selecting the right product on the path to quality and success. Drawing on our experience of over 30 years, we provide you with the most professional solutions in powder coating applications. We offer 250 different color options as part of the Pulver RAL series which can be designed with different gloss and surface appearances.

Developed in our state-of-the-art R&D centers, the Pulver RAL series is suitable for both interior and exterior use. It also prevents surfaces from losing their aesthetic appearance by providing high protection against harsh climatic conditions in exterior applications.

Colors in the Pulver RAL series allow for the desired texture with the options of matte, semi-matte, texture and Class 2 options in addition to the standard gloss range. Our RAL 250 chart has Qualicoat and GSB certificates.

Properties of the Pulver RAL Series

  • 250 color options
  • A wide range of gloss and finish options
  • Qualicoat and GSB approval
  • Suitability for interior and exterior use
  • Suitability for baking at 180-200 °C for 10 minutes