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Powder Coating Production

The raw materials of powder coating are prepared by weighing according to the formulation.


The raw materials are homogenized using the “dry mixing” technique. This process is carried out using mixers. Different types of mixers can be used depending on different requirements.


The prepared homogeneous mixture is given to the feeding section of hot extruders.


Hot extruders increase the contact of mixed and homogenized raw materials with each other and allow resins to combine with other raw materials. Extruders operate at high temperatures (100°C to 130°C).


After the hot extrusion and homogenization are completed, the powder is extruded in molten form from the extruder and passes through chill rolls.


The powder, which is formed into a thin layer, passes through the cooling belt and cools to room temperature. The cooled material passes under the crusher and is transformed into the chips.


The grinding process is carried out with suitable mills. Powder size is very important for the user. With mills and classifiers, powder sizes can be brought to desired ranges according to use and powder type.


After very fine powders are collected with air, they are passed through suitable filters and cyclones by separating from the air to prevent them from polluting the air.


Coarse powders are also separated from the product using the sieving process.


Powders which are ground and brought to desired sizes are packaged in appropriate weights and presented to the user.