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Types Of Powder Coating

Powder Coatings are divided into various types depending on their areas of use and purpose



The formula contains an epoxy-type resin and a suitable hardener. It is used when resistance against chemicals is desired. Particularly, fuel tanks can be shown as an example. These types of powders have less resistance against heat and light. It is also used as a primer when high corrosion resistance is required.


Epoxy Polyester

It contains epoxy and polyester resin. It is a powder type developed to provide physical and chemical resistance properties together. It is used indoors. It is particularly an inevitable solution for the white appliances industry. Moreover, home/office lighting fixtures, metal furniture, hospital equipment, towel warmers, radiators, armatures, and shower cabins can be coated with this type of powder. Although it is stronger than epoxy type powders in terms of heat and light resistance, it has less resistance than outdoor polyester powders which we will discuss later.



  • Polyester/TGIC: It contains a polyester resin and TGIC hardener. It is an exterior wall powder. It is especially recommended for aluminum window and door profiles. When properly designed and used, it can withstand sunlight and other climatic conditions for 10 years. It is mainly used in the aluminum profile industry, agricultural machinery, bicycles, rims, lighting fixtures, etc.
  • Polyester/Primid: It contains a polyester resin and primid hardener. It is an exterior wall powder. It is used for exterior walls, where loss of color and brightness is undesirable, and especially for architectural applications. It is recommended for aluminum window and door profiles. When applied properly, it can withstand up to 1015 years depending on the climatic conditions like other PT. TGIC-containing products have to receive certain labeling marks according to European Union norms while primid products do not have any marking. PRIMID, which is widely used especially in the European market, is the strongest competitor of TGIC.


Its formula contains a polyester resin and suitable (isocyanate) hardener. It is highly resistant to abrasion, moisture and salt spray test. (Compared to other polyester exterior wall products, it provides chemical resistance as well as UV resistance.) It can be used in automotives, bathroom accessories and garden products.



It is particularly preferred in the automotive industry. These are very strong and durable powders. However, they are not produced in the facilities where other types of powders are produced due to the incompatibility with other types of resins and contamination. Therefore, this product is not included in the Pulver Kimya product range.