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General industrial powder coatings are used in the surfaces’ coating process, which are as diverse as shelves, lighting appliances, garden furniture, office furniture, sports equipment, fire extinguishers, and even mailboxes.

With various gloss levels and textures and the RAL color range or customized color options, Pulver powder coatings offer convenient solutions to enterprises in different industrial fields.

High Protection

Our powder coatings with  Qualicoat and GSB quality certificates are resistant to high UV radiation levels, high humidity range, temperature changes, and tough weather conditions. By this means, they provide long-lasting protection to coated surfaces both indoor and outdoor.


Our powder coatings, which are 95% recyclable and do not require solvents for usage, are eco-friendly as well.

Thanks to their useful functionality and rich range of colors, our powder coatings can be used on any industrial product. We continue offering them with great confidence, in the light of our experiences and knowledge gained in many years.

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