Pulver Class 2 Superdurable

Pulver Class 2 Ultra - Al Wakrah Zha

As Pulver Powder Coatings, we are committed to creating value through superior durability, enhanced appearance and sustainability of our products.

Pulver Superdurable is our powder coatings series specifically designed tor architectural and construction projects. The range has been developed to give both protection and an aesthetic finish. This technology ensures a longer-life tor the finish. This serie meets all international and architectural standards including Qualicoat and GSB.

Specially tormulated to endure the test of time and the elements, Pulver Super Durable is well suited to withstand harsh levels of UV radiation, inconsistent degrees of humidity, temperature variations and other severe weather conditions that designed to meet the higher weathering requirements. That offers significantly higher gloss retention and resistance to colour change better than standard durability powders and guaranteed up to 25 years.

We offer multiple colours, gloss levels and special effects that you can choose the finish tor best encompasses the essence of your design.

Over 25 years’ experience, we are supplying prestiguous architectural projects from sky-scrapers and airports to stadiums which is coating aluminium profiles, panels, window and door shutters and ceilings.

Pulver is excited to support architects and consultants on selecting the most suitable coating solutions that deliver stunning and unique finishes. We offer you environmentally friendly solution tor sustainable architectural projects by Pulver.

TypeStandard DurabilitySuper Durability
SpecificationsQualicoat Class
GSB Standard
Qualicoat Class 2
GSB Master
Weathering Test in Florida1year Florida specifications
Gloss retention: at least 50%
Colour change: according to the dE values
3years Florida specifications
Gloss retention: at least 90%
Colour change: not greater than 50% of the limits prescribed

Project Guarantees10 years25 years
FinishesGlossy, Semi-matt, Matt, TexturesGlossy, Semi-matt, Matt, Textures