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Our Company Policy

  • Ensuring continuous system and product development so that customer demands are satisfied completely and at low cost (cost goes down if quality rises);
  • Leading the national and international markets with design works;
  • Prevent occupational diseases, possible job accidents and health deteriorations that can happen to our co-workers and creating the environment that will ensure their continuous development;
  • Cooperating with two inseparable parts of our quality: suppliers and customers;
  • Being a permanent and perfect global company that makes its customers smile by renewing value in powder paint sector;
  • Offering powder paint products and flawless services to our customers with the quickest design and ease of selection at appropriate quality; 
  • Undertaking to prevent contamination and preserving the environment by offering powder paint solutions to solvent-based paint users that respect people and the environment and where pulver kİmya will comply with the environmental and occupational safety legal requirements and expectations of relevant parties;
  • Undertaking to improve our management system continuously