Career at Pulver

All employees of Pulver are members of our international family. We esteem and regard individually the right people from whom our strength originates, and we empower them to develop themselves passionately.

Following Pulver’s Competence Model, which forms a basis for Our Human Resources processes, we look for Competence among our colleagues who are willing to develop our company enthusiastically. Because we believe that Competencies are substantial tools that result in success by bringing us together within a transparent and common language.

Common Language

Our objectives define “what” we do while our competencies provide a common language about “how” we proceed with our works.


Competencies help employees to understand what is expected from them. Moreover, they clarify the individual roles. Understanding the behaviors of other fields of our organization deemed necessary for success helps us advance our work manner.


Competencies provide an exact focus point for our development. They enable employees and department managers to form a success-oriented development culture. Besides, they help us to assume responsibility for our self-development.

HR Processes


We manage our recruitment process based on the Primary Goal and Core Values of Pulver Kimya with the approach of assigning the correct candidates to correct positions.

Our recruitment processes aim to acquire the ideal candidates who possess the competencies required by our corporate culture and the relevant position.

Our Core Competencies

Customer Focus
Cooperation & Solidarity
Constant Development & Adaptation
Quality Focus
Gaining Trust
Continuous & Hands-on Learning

In evaluating the new graduates and experienced candidates for the position, we use objective tools such as personality inventory and foreign language and general aptitude tests in the digital environment and competency-based interviews and assessment centers.

You can seek suitable positions for yourself or send your CV for general application on our career portals.


We apply talent and employee assessment to shape the career planning of our employees who adopt the values and business manners of our company and exhibit the appropriate competencies in attaining the objectives.

Horizontal and vertical development opportunities for our employees are managed via the Assessment Center Application in which personal and occupational development potential is determined in detail. By so doing, we aim to establish coordination between the objectives of our company and our employees.

Global Career

We offer our employees the opportunity of overseas experience through the expat assignments at our offices located in Germany, Russia (Moscow, Kazan, and Ekaterinburg), Romania, and Ukraine.

We manage the expat assignments with the data obtained from global research to make their overseas experience more pleasant for them and their families.

03 Compensation & Benefits

Compensation & Benefits System of Pulver Kimya is updated annually after it is determined with the “equal pay for equal work” principle depending on the components of stages of work, wage market, and the company’s wage policy, considering the market conditions and in-company wage balance.

Remuneration Policy

Our remuneration policy aims to achieve the labor force that has suitable competence for achieving in-company wage balance and competitiveness in the market and making our company reach its goals, based on the size of the job, contribution to business, knowledge, and skills attitude, and competencies.