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Being produced based on customers’ requests and needs, the automotive powder coatings of Pulver stand out thanks to their corrosion resistance. Thus, the automotive industry’s leading companies also prefer Pulver’s different automotive powder coatings, which are being used in vehicles for numerous parts.

Pulver automotive powder coatings can be used on the parts such as stabilizer bar, engine block, cushioning spring, windshield wiper, fuel tank, seat mechanism, chassis parts, and inner metal parts, which play a significant role in vehicle safety.

High Performance

Before the sale process, Pulver’s automotive powder coatings are subject to comprehensive tests prepared based on customers’ special requests. Furthermore, these coatings commit high performance concerning appearance and durability in line with the customer’s requests.

Solvent Free

The automotive powder coatings that resist high humidity ranges are free of solvents and volatile organic compounds (VOC). The automotive powder coatings of Pulver show adaptability to different environmental and weather conditions. Besides, they do not require the use of solvents in the coating process.

Homogeneous Appearance

The automotive powder coatings, which are 95% recyclable, are eco-friendly and sustainable products. They provide a clean and homogeneous appearance as well.

With our products being developed through our know-how and experiences in the automotive industry in which design and safety are an inseparable whole, we, as Pulver, maintain confidently rendering services to the industry’s leading companies.

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