FR.05.01.01. – 28.04.2022 Re06
  • Ensuring continuous improvement of systems and products for meeting customer demands in full and at a low cost (increased quality means decreased cost.);
  • Being a leader in national and international markets with our design work;
  • Creating safe and healthy working conditions in order to prevent occupational injuries and impairment of health
  • Eliminating dangers and minimizing occupational health and safety risks
  • Preventing occupational illnesses, injuries, occupational accidents and impairment of health for our employees, creating an environment for their continuous development;
  • Working in cooperation with suppliers and customers, who are at the core of our quality;
  • Consulting the employees and employee representatives and inviting them to have their say in occupational health and safety matters;
  • Being a global, permanent and excellent company in the powder coating sector which updates its values and makes customers happy;
  • Offering our customers easily selectable powder coating products and flawless services with the quickest design and best quality;
  • Preventing pollution and protecting the environment by providing solvent-based paint users with eco-friendly powder coating solutions respectful of human life which conform with the environmental and occupational safety legislation imposed on pulver kimya and the expectations of relevant parties,
  • Continuously improving our management systems,

are the commitments of our company.